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New safety gear range by TrueCrop

Dear Growers,

We have received a lot of enquiry from growers asking if we can supply various General Merchandise products, including safety gear. Whilst this is not an area of focus for us, we view this as an extra service we can provide to our growers who are looking for quality product and the convenience of online shopping coupled with cheap delivery via Aussie Post. So we have decided to launch a small safety gear range which we may build out over time.

So check it out on http://www.truecrop.com.au/shop/

We also receive enquiry on other bits and pieces like cam locks for 1000L ibc's. These seem to be a challenge for any farmer to source. So be on the look out for our new cam lock range which will be coming soon. If you have any other ideas on any complimentary products, drop us an email on customercare@truecrop.com.au

Best Regards
Director, TrueCrop


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