TrueCrop... open for business

Hello Growers.

So we're absolutely delighted to be able to announce our official launch today. This is a very big day as it's a culmination of several years of work, thinking, strategising, tweaking to get to a position where we're happy to pull the trigger on a direct agri chemical distribution model to broad acre croppers which we're calling TrueCrop.

So why are we doing this? Well we have a few motivations for wanting to do so;

  1. We're off the land and farming is in the blood. Unfortunately the opportunity to go back on the land was not an option for us, so distributing chemical and partnering with growers to help them achieve their goals is the next best thing.
  2. Having previously worked in corporate agri retail, we decided that corporate life wasn't for us and there's no better place to work than in your own business, being your own boss. There's nothing like having skin in the game to motivate oneself to go that extra mile.
  3. We believe long term sustainability for a business that sells product to farmers has to be about mutual benefit for both distributor and farmer. We're playing the long game here and are all about building relationships with farmers that will last 20, 30 years and beyond.
So this is TrueCrop. We love what we do and want to do this for as long as our growers will allow us. We hope you like our approach. We look forward to working with you.

Best Regards
Director, TrueCrop

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