Trifluralin fun

Trifluralin... it's that time of year again

Hello Growers,

Well late October means only one thing, it's time for distributors to lock down trifluralin supply for next years winter cropping season. There's always a decent amount of fun and games invloved in negotiating pricing and volumes with the manufacturers.

Already we are are seeing some pretty wild variations in the pricing being offered. One can never really know why this is, but hazard a guess it is the difference between the tech price on existing product versus replacement (or new) product. Luckily for us we have good relationships with a few key manufacturers who will ensure we'll have a competitive cost position on quality product next season.

Our preference is to go early on securing supply for our growers as has been the trend in recent years, the later a distributor leaves it, the less options they have... which invariably means they end up paying too much. The same can be said for the grower, so we'd encourage you to submit your volumes with TrueCrop now to ensure you have supply available to you come March.

All the best with harvest. We hope yield and quality are both good.

Director, TrueCrop

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