TrueCrop... our first 30 days

Hello Growers,

Our first month in business has been extremely busy to say the least. Plenty has been happening on all fronts. The good news is, we're having more fun already than we thought we would. So what have we been working on? Well it's been all about getting ourselves set for next season. Key highlights of our first 30 days...

  • Locked down agreements with our key chemical suppliers. We are very pleased to have the backing of a number of Australian manufacturers renowned for producing the highest quality chemical. Their brands are already being distributed through the traditional retail networks, so we are wrapped to have their support.
  • Commenced work on our Grower Equity Scheme. We are working with our legal advisers to fine tune the details of this scheme and we are very excited about offering our growers the opportunity to take an equity share in our company. Details will be released over the coming days.
  • We received a Cease & Desist notice from a major Australian chemical manufacturer demanding we change our brand name, logo, domain name, company name and so on. Apparently what we called ourselves initially sounded too much like what they call themselves. Rather interesting.
  • So we are very pleased to introduce our new name, TrueCrop. We called a number of our supportive growers to tell them the news and also run our new name by them, which seemed to resonate (both the story and the new name), so we are pretty happy with the outcome.
So as you can see, there's never a dull moment in a start-up, especially in a traditional industry! If you have started already, we hope harvest is going well for you and you haven't been adversely impacted by the weather.

Best Regards
Director, TrueCrop

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