TrueCrop Grower Equity Scheme

Hello Growers

We are very excited to announce details of the TrueCrop Grower Equity Scheme whereby our growers are being offered a no cost, no risk opportunity to take up a future equity shareholding in TrueCrop through the issue of free share options. The scheme is available to growers only and the more you spend with TrueCrop the more free share options you will be offered at the end of the financial year.

In financial year 2015-16 the scheme is open to the first 19 growers who reach a minimum spend of $25,000 (ex GST) with TrueCrop. Free share options will be offered in increments of 25,000 shares per each $25,000 spend. For example, if you spend $50,250 (ex GST) with TrueCrop, you will be offered 50,000 free share options.

So what are the benefits of this scheme to the grower?
  • This scheme comes at no cost and no risk to the grower if you chose not to exercise
  • You can hold onto your options and wait for the value of TrueCrop shares to rise before exercising
  • You can exercise your options at any time if you wish to receive a future dividend
So as a TrueCrop grower, not only will you get access to true quality, true value chemicals, you will also be given the opportunity to share in the future success of a start up agribusiness that is not normally afforded to growers at such an early stage (let alone at all). We hope that by working closely with our growers, TrueCrop will be a successful company in future and TrueCrop shares will be worth something to our grower shareholders. For more details of the scheme please refer to our website...


We recommend you consult your accountant or financial adviser before making any financial decision and we're available to answer any questions they may have. We look forward to hopefully having you on board as a Grower Shareholder in future.

Director, TrueCrop

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