Seeding & post emergent season

Dear Growers,

By now you may be wondering how we're going in our first 6 months of business? Well I am pleased to report it is going well above expectations. We have already achieved our full year budgeted sales target and we still have the seeding, post emergent and fungicide season ahead of us. That aside, what is most pleasing is the level of new customer acquisition and repeat purchase we are experiencing. We are working with some great growers, with most already qualifying for free company share options in the TrueCrop Grower Equity Scheme.


Planning for the seeding and post emergent chemical season is underway. Our strategy here is to work closely with our growers early on the volumes they will require this season. We then accumulate the requirements across all our growers and then negotiate volume buys with our key suppliers. The added benefit of planning in advance is we can ensure the product is available for our growers when they need it. We plan to have this process finalised by mid March, so now is a good time to get in contact with us with your list of requirements for this season. Please see a link to our planning tool below.


On a final note, the annual shortage of any given chemical active has raised its ugly head again this season. Simazine is the culprit this year with it being horribly short in the market. We are always dubious as to why these shortages occur, but what we do know is the price is heading north rapidly. We don't like rising markets as we've seen many times before how quickly they can reverse. Therefore, we are not taking a position but will spot buy in the market for our growers as and when required. We suggest you get onto Simazine early and shop around as you may be able to find some older stock still at a reasonable price in your local area.

As always, if you would like a quote on any product in our range, please feel free to email customercare@truecrop.com.au or call us on 08 8451 9003.

Best regards,
Director, TrueCrop

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