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Dear Growers,

By now seeding or #plant16 is well under way in most areas. Interestingly many growers have started earlier this year than ever before after receiving good early breaks. I won't keep you long as you're no doubt all under the pump getting the crop in, but just tought I'd make quick mention of early post emergent chemicals you might want to start thinking about such as Clethodim (e.g. Select) and MCPA LVE (e.g. Agritone). It may be a good idea to get in early on these as we're noticing strong enquiry coming in earlier than normal.

We're also noticing particularly strong early demand on fungicides, namely WA and QLD, given it seems powdery mildew maybe an issue in the West again this year and QLD is gearing up for a massive Chick Pea crop. Again it may pay to get in early on Propiconazole, Tebuconazole, Mancozeb and Chlorothalonil. We're hearing of supply issues on Chlorothalinol, for whatever reason, so we'd encourage to go early on this one.

If you would like a detailed quote on any post emergent herbicide or fungicide, please email us on customercare@truecrop.com.au or call us on 08 8451 9003.

Best Regards
Director, TrueCrop

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