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We are a direct distributor of quality crop protection products right across Australia. We are here to challenge the status quo in a way that is sustainable long into the future. We are off the land and we know farming. We put the grower at the heart of everything we do. Our growers mean everything to us and we will always strive to be their trusted partner in business.

TrueCrop distributes crop protection products from only trusted manufacturers with strong reputations of excellent quality and consistent supply in the Australian market. These are the same quality crop protection products you have been accustomed to purchasing from any traditional rural retailer in the past. All product labels and MSDS are available upon request.

TrueCrop utilises a network of over 120 local freight carriers spanning the entire Australian wheat belt for the delivery of crop chemicals. TrueCrop's local carriers deliver our product into their own local freight depots only. They will never deliver to a competitor rural retail branch. We support local communities by supporting the local freight carriers living and operating within those communities and we will always do this.

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Please download an application, which is to be read in conjunction with the T&Cs, and return via email to customercare@truecrop.com.au
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Q. How do I request a quote?

A. Send us an email at customercare@truecrop.com.au 

Q. How do I apply for a 30 day account?

A. Download and email us your completed application at customercare@truecrop.com.au

Q. Can I still buy product from you if I don't have a 30 day account?

A. Yes, you can still buy chemicals from us but the payments terms will be cash up front

Q. Do you supply chemicals classified as Dangerous Goods?

A. We do not supply any chemicals designated class 3, 6 or 8 under the ADG classification

Q. Do you deliver to the local rural retailers?

A. No, we deliver into local freight carrier depots only (see map of depot locations)

Q. Do you deliver on farm?

A. No, we deliver into local freight carrier depots only (see map of depot locations)

Q. Do you deliver to locations not listed on your map of depot locations?

A. We only deliver to the locations listed, but if you know of a local depot not listed, please let us know

Q. Do you import and distribute your own label chemicals?

A. No, we only distribute chemicals from trusted manufacturers

Q. If I accept my quote, how do I place an order?

A. You can place orders verbally over the phone or via email

Q. How do I make payment?

A. You will receive your tax invoice via email with our bank account details to make payment

Q. Do you accept credit card payments?

A. No, we only accept payments via bank transfer direct into our account

Q. Who bears the cost if my goods are damaged in transit?

A. TrueCrop holds marine and transit insurance and the goods are insured to the point of delivery

Q. Who bears the cost if my goods are damaged post pick up from my local depot location?

A. The grower or the grower's freight carrier bears that cost

Q. What happens if I don't pay my bill?

A. TrueCrop along with our credit insurers will take the appropriate immediate legal action

Q. What if I want my credit limit increased?

A. Your credit applications will be assessed by our credit insurer and they will set your credit limit

Q. Will you allow me to go beyond my credit limit?

A. No. If you require the goods but have gone passed your credit limit, you will have to pay cash

Q. Do you sell wholesale to resellers?

A. No, we supply growers only

Q. Can you procure products for me outside of your listed product range?

A. No, we only offer the products within our existing product range

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